Give Us The Names And The Message. We'll Do The Rest....
  • In today, out today.
    All Telewire orders are processed the same day they are received - usually within minutes. Our high - speed equipment individually prints each message, and gets it out that day by first - class mail.
  • Send us your list and message electronically...or by mail.
    National Telewire works from all common mailing list and database formats. If your list is on your computer, transmit it directly to our system. Or if your list exists only in printed form, send it to us by facsimile or mail, and we'll computerize it for a small fee.
  • Store your lists and messages here...FREE.
    We'll store all your lists and messages in our secure database at no charge - so you can resend high - impact messages with just a phone call or e-mail.
  • Include Logos,Signature, Art Work within Text.
    Telewire Messages can be as short as a few lines, or as long as a few pages. Our text format lets you create simple return forms or response devices within your message. Print multiple pages in simplex or duplex mode.
  • Personalize each message with variables....FREE.
    You can include multiple variables within your text information, up to 999. All Variables including name and address information can be a maximum of 40 characters in length.
  • Choose from three envelope/masthead styles.
    Telewire's High - Impact format comes in multiple styles - each with a distinctive title and color scheme. This lets you vary the tone of your messages, or send sequential messages without duplicating the format.
  • Certified Mail/Imaging.
    For those important legal documents, certified mail is your solution. If required, Telewire can create PDF images and upload them to your secure web site or generate a monthly CD for regulation storage and retrieval.
  • Reducing Stress.
    By outsourcing your mailing to a vendor who possesses the best technology solution, your internal resources will be stress fee to accomplish additional tasks that are imperative to the success of the department.
  • Put the power to work for you.
    No contracts or commitments are required. Test Telewire and see for yourself the dynamic results. Telewire letters get opened, read and motivate customers to respond to your message.